Bitcoin University

Understanding Bitcoin for Beginners

Have you been curious as to what is Bitcoin or Blockchain?

This technology is not complicated to understand, nor technically challenging to absorb.

Bitcoin presents an alternative method to our current monetary system.

When you decide to learn about Bitcoin, you are choosing to expose yourself to a different way of thinking.

You are embarking down a new road that leads to knowledge about a parallel finance system to the one that you have grown up with.

In this course, we will explain Bitcoin in easy to understand terms with the hopes of broadening your horizons and opening doors you didn’t even know existed.

Your Instructor

Josh 'Jae' Molnar
Josh 'Jae' Molnar

I am the CEO & Founder of Bitcoin Daily. I have been trading for the past 5 years and have put together a team of expert traders who's experience range from Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Crypto. We have been profiting with crypto trading for many years now and are finally teaching the right ways to trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Bitcoin University include?
Bitcoin University has been created to spread the knowledge of Bitcoin and Trading. In the different courses, we go over exactly how to get started with bitcoin and how it works. Then if you decide you also want to be an active trader, we have a course for that as well.
How long do I have access to the course?
Once you sign up, it is a life time membership.

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